Winter 2019 Newsletter


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  (5.1 MB) Winter 2019
  (337 kb) Beneath the Wave
  (312 kb) Editor's Page: Looking at the waters around Sherkin from a different angle; Seafood Recipe
  (352 kb) Black John – the Bogus Pirate: Ship Ahoy!
  (303 kb) Special Feature: Mapping the Seabed
  (297 kb) Special Feature: Mapping the Seabed
  (389 kb) Colour In: Dive in the Deep
  (379 kb) All in a Day's Work: Eoin Mac Craith - Marine Geologist, Geological Survey of Ireland
  (569 kb) Animal Life: Minke Whale
  (206 kb) Animal Life: Parts of a Baleen Whale
  (444 kb) Met Éireann: What is Weather?
  (266 kb) Activity: Making a Sock Snowman
  (279 kb) The World Around Us
  (316 kb) Fun Page: How Much Did You Learn?, Nature Jokes
  (321 kb) Learn More: Books/DVD for children; Useful Web Addresses
  (340 kb) Wordseach: Nature’s Web Winter 2019 Wordsearch
  (281 kb) Nature's Noticeboard




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